A Birdseye View of The Monadnock Valley Railroad in Operation!

The Monadnock Valley Railroad as viewed from a quadcopter approximately 150 feet above the railroad.  MVRR Engineer, Liz Halper is shown driving the railroad's Generic Electric engine on November 23, 2014.

The Monadnock Valley Railroad Featured on Television Program!

The Monadnock Valley Railroad was featured in a seven minute segment on WMUR's "New Hampshire Chronicle", a nightly program on New Hampshire's ABC TV station.  The segment was videotaped at a meet of the North East Live Steamers at our track on 7/30/11.  There were 45 people and 10 trains including 4 steam engines in attendance that day.  The videographer took over an hour of tape and edited it to fit in their seven minute segment.  He included some on-camera interviews and of course lots of railroad action.  WMUR televised the story on Friday, September 30, 2011 and if you would like to see it, click on the YouTube video below.



On July 21, 2012 the Monadnock Valley Railroad hosted another meet of the North East Live Steamers.  There were about 10 trains present (including 4 steam engines) and many visitors from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  During the meet Renee Moe produced and directed a video for the Groton, Massachusetts cable channel...you can view it by clicking on the video below.


Click on the YouTube video below to see the Monadnock Valley Railroad's snow blower tackling the first heavy snow of the season.  The snow blower was built in the fall and winter of 2012 by John Halper and Steve Landry...this video was taken by Liz Halper during the snow blower's inaugral run on January 5, 2013.  Notice in the first few frames that a stroboscopic effect occurs making the blade appear to be running slowly and in the opposite direction; it's actually turning at about 600 RPM. The snow was about 5" deep on the main line and about 12" to 15" deep on the back loop. The snow was wet and heavy and there was some ice mixed in along with some small twigs that had blown off the trees. The temperature was about 36 degrees.  A cab/body will be built for the snow blower in the next few months and a headlight will be installed for night running. We will try to stay ahead of the major snow build-ups that occur here in New Hampshire.”


Click on the video below to see a winter cab ride we shot on February 6, 2011 following numerous snow storms in New Hampshire.  The locomotive is a 1-1/2" scale model of a four-wheel Whitcomb locomotive used by the US Navy in WW II and by various industrial railroads.  The model in the video was built by us in 1974 and is powered by a 2-1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton engine.  It will pull four or five adults on flatcars.


Removing Leaves Sitting Down!
The past few years we've blown leaves off the MVRR using a corded leaf blower, but lugging extension cords around the railroad was time consuming and tiring.  So we purchased a small hand-held gas-powered leaf blower, used our boxcab electric for motive power and blew leaves off the track sitting on a flat car!
Most of the leaves had already been blown off the track when the video below was taken, but it'll be very helpful next season.

Tucker Rides the MVRR
Liz put Tucker in one of the gondolas and we took him for a ride on a beautiful September day in 2015.  Tucker seemed to enjoy the ride, but was a little spooked going through the covered bridge.  Here are a few still photos and a brief video.