Welcome to the Monadnock Valley Railroad, a 1.5" scale (one-eighth full size) railroad located in Greenfield, NH


The MVRR is an on-going project that was begun in 2003, with roots in earlier live steam activities reaching back to 1973.  Our association with the Long Island Live Steamers and the Florida Live Steamers as well as the MVRR's predecessor, the Westchester Central Railroad is described on our history pages.  We built the WCRR at our former home in New York and it saw over 1000 riders during its 13-year history.  We are continuing to host many new riders on the MVRR.

The MVRR has about 2600' of 7-1/4" gauge track; details are shown on our track plan page.  The maximum grade for the main line is 1.9% and the minimum radius curve is 45'.  You can see more of the railroad on our track construction and trestle construction pages.  The Westchester Central Railroad had a computer-controlled signal system for safe operation on our original railroad and the system was re-intalled on the MVRR in 2008.

We have one diesel engine (pictured above), two gasoline switch engines, an electric engine, three flat cars, two gondolas and a bobber caboose.  Pictures of our rolling stock are shown throughout this site.  We can accommodate ten to twelve riders with one engine and five riding cars.  The diesel engine is capable of pulling between 20 and 30 riders with sufficient riding cars.


In 2005 we constructed an enginehouse to protect our rolling stock and add an interesting feature to the railroad.  The enginehouse is 16' x 16' x 6' and has four 15' tracks.  All of our engines and rolling stock are kept there during the summer.

In the winter we move the engines and riding cars into the basement shop so the engines stay warm for easy starting when it's cold outside.  There's a 90' spur off the main line that runs into the shop.  The shop has a turntable-like device to facilitate moving the rolling stock between the spur and the shop tracks.

Visit the video gallery and the still photo gallery on our site for videos and more pictures of the Monadnock Valley Railroad.